Changing the Course of a Nation

Get Your Comfy Pillows Ready

By: Mike Simmons
County Chairman
Constitution Party Of Franklin County

Why should we get pillows ready, you ask?

America has made its bed and now it is time to lie in it.

At this point it seems inevitable that Congress will pass the National Health Care Bill and drive the final nail in the coffin of liberty. If and when this bill is made into law, the country will enter into a downward spiral that it will most likely be unable to come out of.

In my opinion you can trace the downfall of this country back to four distinct events or entities. The first is in the case of Marbury v. Madison where the Supreme Court granted itself power that has been left unchecked for over 200 years. The second event occurred when Abraham Lincoln wiped his mouth with the Constitution; the northern states invaded the South and all of the states lost their power to reject the federal government. The third event occurred when Franklin D. Roosevelt convinced Americans to let the government take care of them with welfare and Social Security.

The final entity that has led to this country’s demise is none other than the Republican Party.

The Republicans you ask? But they oppose nationalized health care! Nero opposed the fall of Rome, but he chose to fiddle. Right now the Republicans are playing a mean fiddle. Where were Republicans in the 1990s when they controlled the House and Senate? What conservative legislation did they pass? Where were Republicans when Bush passed No Child Left Behind and gave the government more control over our children’s education?

They were spending money like John Edwards in a beauty shop! You have to give Democrats credit; they are doing exactly what they promised in their campaigns. If you voted for a Democrat, you are getting exactly what you voted for, the same is not true for Republicans.

Vote for a Democrat and the country will go over the proverbial cliff at 70 mph. Vote for a Republican and the country will go over the cliff at 65 mph. If you are unhappy with where the country is heading, I encourage all of you to get out of the car! Stop voting for the same two parties that have run this country into the ground.

The time for change is now. We cannot afford to wait any longer. Our Congress may be driving the nail into the coffin of liberty, but thankfully our liberty is given to us by God, not government. Will you take back your liberty?