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Looking for Mr. Right in 2012 – No pun intended!

The American Thinker recently published an article by Carol Taber, president of Family Security Matters, entitled “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are - Our Nation Needs a Leader.” Her plea for a leader is accompanied by the following critique of the current crop of possible candidates.

All our putative frontrunners (ever narrowing) are either retreads, dull, old, polarizing, odd, not trustworthy, not ready, or not telegenic. They have excess baggage, brain deficits, name recognition challenges, peculiar wives, policy mistakes, even less experience than Obama had in 2008, and/or shortages of charisma. Even so, many people — if not all Republicans and the majority of independents — gladly would vote for these candidates over the unpopular Obama any day of the week; yet, despite the fact that this current president is eminently beatable, no new, exciting face has yet stepped forward to claim the crown, or to electrify the crowd. (emphasis added)

Don’t you find it rather sad that her lament over the lack of “an exciting face to electrify the crowd and claim the crown” is actually what now defines the qualifications needed for leadership? Where was her plea for integrity, courage and determination to do the hard things necessary to avert a total collapse of our economy and society? What about leaders committed to a return to the rule of law, our Constitution? No, no mention of the deeper character that is normally found in the type of leaders that would be necessary to lead our country in a time of crisis- just give us a GOP “Obama” and we will be just fine.

But, the most troubling part of Taber’s statement was not her desire for an electrifying candidate, but her admission that “many people — if not all Republicans and the majority of independents — gladly would vote for these candidates over the unpopular Obama any day of the week;” With that observation, she has accurately indentified the dangerous, destructive power of the two party system to individual liberty along with the assurance of a continued trek down the path of economic destruction forged by both parties’ policies. Policies that have failed to secure prosperity and peace in our time, and protect the most basic constitutional freedoms Americans have enjoyed in the past..

While we would agree with the need for true leadership; we just don’t agree that the choices are limited to the narrow field of candidates discussed in the article. In fact, more and more Americans are indicating in recent polls that they are looking outside of the two parties for candidates to support, and that amounts to good news for America.

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