Principles Outweigh Politics for Cynthia Davis



In the following article, Cynthia Davis addresses the reasons that compelled her to end her lifelong association with the Republican Party in Missouri. Rep. Davis is refreshingly open and forthright as she details the frustrations of serving in a party with leadership that that does not embrace the principles of constitutional governing. Her recognition as “Missouri’s Most Constitutional Legislator” by the Young Conservatives of America makes her a most welcome addition to the Constitution Party of Missouri.

A Letter to the Republican Party

Dear Central Committee Members:

First, I would like to thank all of you for your kind and understanding words of support and encouragement for my next step. My life, my beliefs, my friends and my core principles remain the same. I intend to be supportive of good candidates from both the Republican and Constitution parties who are true conservatives and understand the proper role of government.

I have spent decades trying to support and reform the Republican Party from within, even becoming a leader in the party and serving as an elected Republican official for nearly nine years. I have now, like many other Americans concluded it is a futile effort.

The existing political parties can’t be reformed because there are just too many special interests with too much money to allow it. When I joined the Republican Party, it was to make our state better, not to be a member of some elite social club.

This explanation probably won’t resonate with those who consider themselves vested members of the old guard. These words are for those people, who like me, want only good, honest and fair government from all civil servants.

My life, my philosophy and my loyalty remain with the enduring principles that made America great. Yet I realize that despite the campaign rhetoric, the Republican Party is mainly paying lip service to the values of personal responsibility, limited government, fiscal responsibility and remain within our constitutional boundaries. These are my reasons why I want to join with others who have a larger vision of restoring America and the right solutions to our problems which include respect for our life, liberty and property.

Here is my criticism of the Republican Party. It is not a criticism of the many fine people who consider themselves Republican…but a critique of those insiders who control the Republican Party who have allowed these things to occur when they could have acted.

Growing Government Bigger

There is a lot of dissension in the Republican Party because despite the expressed will of the voters, partisan power brokers have undermined efforts to put real restraint on policies that grow government bigger and bloat the budget. They have passed laws that reduce our liberty, disrespect life and make America economically weaker, with no party discipline. We are at a point today where the Republican Party has put its stamp of approval on “bigger government” programs with no Constitutional authority; No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, Race to the Top, unfunded medical insurance mandates, and a whole host of other “Big Brother” bills diminishing the freedoms assured to the people through the Bill of Rights. Additionally, both major political parties are responsible for implementing bad policies that are destroying the greatest economic engine the world has ever known. Every time they expand government further, it costs the taxpayers more. In the eight years I was in the House, I saw our budget grow from 18 billion to over 23 billion—under Republican leadership.

Pandering Over Principles
Both Washington D.C. and Jefferson City politicians have developed a culture of corruption. Legislative priorities are defined by the largest campaign donors. Many candidates are disingenuous in their campaign promises, knowing by the time the election is over it will be too late for the voters to hold them accountable for whatever they said before the election. The majority of the Republicans don’t understand their own platform enough to know what they believe. Jumping on whatever bandwagon is passing by is disingenuous, manipulates voters and is the reason many voters have lost respect for the politicians.

Government of the Highest Bidders
Giving leadership and chairmanship positions to those who donate the most money to the party is the common practice in both Washington D.C. and Jefferson City. This is similar to buying Senate seats and perverts the process of selecting the most qualified and competent people. This allows “Big Money” instead of better ideas to set the agenda. Bills that advance the party platform save lives, taxpayers, marriages and family values are kept bottled up because they aren’t being pushed by well funded lobbyists. With seemingly one sex scandal after another, how can either the Republican or Democratic Party claim superiority when it comes to providing moral leadership? With enough money, any act of moral turpitude can be kept away from public scrutiny.

Republican Cannibalism
Candidates trash one another while the party looks the other way. There are no repercussions or discipline for those who maliciously lie and make personal attacks intended to ruin the reputations of honest candidates. Far from it, those who make a living tearing down others are rewarded with lucrative campaign consulting jobs. While good people of integrity are being permanently destroyed, the Republican Party looks the other way. Intra-party bullying has proven to be worse than external party bullying.

Blocking Fair Primary Nominations
The party insiders distort and manipulate the primary process by allowing only favored Republican candidates and incumbents to have access to voter data. They purposely block other Republican candidates from accessing the same database. This allows them to “manage” the primaries and select who wins and who loses, rather than leaving that decision to Republican primary voters.

To be a favored Republican insider, elected Representatives and Senators are called upon to donate money from their own campaign coffers to support “anointed” candidates. Despite their Pharisaical efforts to enact ethics reforms, big party money is being laundered through candidates and PACs for the purpose of concealing the true sources.

As Christine O’Donnell, a maligned Republican US Senate candidate from Delaware said, “The GOP establishment leaders would rather control the way they lose [elections] rather than lose control of their party.”

This is what is so frustrating to most grassroots supporters. We put country first. They are still putting party first.

The founding fathers did not set up our government based upon political parties—which is why there is no mention of parties in our Constitution. Political parties are a fabrication of power brokers to raise money and cut deals. This practice thwarts average citizens from having opportunities to serve for more noble reasons. The power of the two current major political parties has driven otherwise sensible people to forfeit their own autonomy and reasoning capacity for the sake of the party. This is destructive to our state and nation and explains how we arrived at a point where what’s best for America is being betrayed by both major political parties for the sake of raising more money, gaining more favors, and holding on to power in perpetuity…because in politics, power often equates financial reward.

My departure from the Republican Party is not a repudiation of my friends in the Republican Party. This is a repudiation of the party bosses in both parties who suppress those who put principles before party and shun independent thinkers. Off the record, many of my former colleagues in the Missouri General Assembly would acknowledge that what I have said is true. Although they dare not say in public, what they know to be true, for fear of retribution.

We must engage our state and nation with the proper solutions to our problems and vigorously debate the issues. We owe it to the nation to show the power elites that they cannot stifle the will of the people or limit our success. Who is responsible to right these wrongs? We all are!

President James Garfield expressed it best when he said:

“Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their
Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is becausethe people
tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption.”

The problem is that voters are restricted to two choices: Either vote for the anointed candidate of one political party or the other. Want to send a message to Washington or Jefferson City? Vote for the person, not the party label. Don’t be afraid to support the one who best reflects your ideals. Get your friends to join us. We need to see through the slick campaigns and start supporting the candidates who best embody the principles that made our country great in the first place. The gate has been locked and both the Republican and Democratic Party insiders think we the people are too lazy or stupid to ever figure it out.

But we are smarter than they give us credit for. The Declaration of Independence says, in part:

“That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends,
it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties have become “destructive” to our rights and freedoms. That verdict rendered by the American people in polls that show the lowest opinion of Congress in decades.

All that is left is for the voters to send the two-party system an eviction notice by electing new party and independent candidates to office. To borrow a theme from Ronald Reagan, “We didn’t leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left us!”

In October, I will be announcing my decision to seek a statewide office on the Constitution Party ticket. Some are asking, “Why the Constitution Party?” As we are watching our country head in the wrong direction, more people are looking for a party that is governed by principles, holds its candidates accountable and upholds a philosophy based upon a proper understanding of government. That is the very definition of the Constitution Party.

It is time to exercise our rights as Americans and join in the effort to alter the political landscape in a meaningful way. It is time to improve the state we’re in.

I therefore tender my resignation as St. Charles County Republican Party Township Committeewoman, not with any malice, but simply because the party has lost its capability to respond to the crisis we face in our state and nation.

Cynthia Davis