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Cynthia Davis for Lt. Governor
“History will record with the greatest astonishment how quickly the two party system was exposed and the greed and power were contained when the voters were presented with a real choice.” ~ Cynthia Davis

Do you know current elected officials can be reimbursed for their travel expenses by the State of Missouri, (and us taxpayers) when they accept speaking engagements? Additionally, they receive funding from lobbyists and through their county political parties.
Cynthia receives no financial assistance from any taxpayer funded source or political action committees designed to keep the money and power concentrated in the hands of the few.
We have already seen ripples in Jefferson City from her candidacy. A Republican senator recently pre-filed a resolution banning anyone from being Lieutenant Governor if that person is not tied to the same political party as the Governor. Our candidacy has raised concerns that a Constitution Party candidate could get elected! The status quo is trying to make sure they don’t have to worry about our party winning this office ever again. Even if the resolution passes, it will be too late to effect our election. This is a huge compliment, and we claim it as one of our first victories!
The legislators in Jefferson City take it personally when a true “constitutionalist”, like Cynthia, has the fortitude and the moxie to stand up and speak out for what is right, especially when it is in opposition to their party and regardless of the consequences.
They can’t stand it when one of their former members opposes one of their good ‘ole boys.
PLEASE, Cynthia needs your help to continue our positive message that we don’t have to settle for the same old pattern and parties that are ruining our country and state. If everyone, who supports CYNTHIA DAVIS FOR MISSOURI LT. GOVERNOR, gave only $25, we could raise enough money that would help pay for the literature and gasoline she needs to travel the state promoting the message of LIBERTY!
Also, we are looking for people with boats who can join us on our next adventure around the end of May/beginning of June. If you have a boat (the bigger, the better) or know of a friend with a boat who would like to help our cause, please contact Donna.
If we, the true grassroots patriots, really want someone to keep an eye on both parties in both chambers in Jefferson City, and someone who will personally educate them about the proper role of government, then we really need your help.
Make your CHRIST-mas donation TODAY!
Click on the “Donation” button at for credit cards, or make your most generous check payable to “Elect Cynthia Davis” and mail to:
Madolena Key, Treasurer
94 Sunfish Drive, Suite 201
Definance, MO63341
For your information, these are the Contribution Levels, but we will be grateful for any amount you can afford:
$25 Minute Man
$50 - Patriot
$100 - Cannon Ball
$250 - Liberty Bell
$500 - Bill of Rights
$1,000 - Declaration of Independence
$2,400 - Bill of Rights
$5,000 - Defender of the Constitution
Together, for the cause of LIBERTY,
Donna Ivanovich
“ELECT CYNTHIA DAVIS” Campaign Manager
Founding Member, former State Chairman, and
National and State Executive Committee Member
Constitution Party of Missouri
(314) 956-6181 and