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Cynthia Davis’ Radio Commericial

We are doing BIG things in the Cynthia Davis for Lt. Governor campaign, and we would appreciate it so much if you will lend us a helping hand.

It’s time to jump on board and help take our state & nation back by electing a Constitution Party candidate at the state level. Cynthia is that person. Don’t be left in the dust.

As our Lt. Governor, she will preside over the Senate keeping an “Eagle Eye” on both parties and offer constitutional opinion. She also has the right to vote in the event of a tie. This is critical.

Here’s one way to help: Listen to the attached 30-second radio spot. Help Cynthia by getting it broadcast on your local radio station. Then send me the email address and contact name so I can build my media database for future press releases, interviews, etc.

Secondly, Cynthia is being invited to speak at events all over the state. Help us by either attending a nearby event, or call me to learn how to organize your own event —- anything from a “Coffee & Cookies” get-together in the comfort of your own home to a “Valentine Day Fundraising” event at your church or restaurant. Check locations on her campaign calendar at www.VoteCynthia.com

Remember, the anti-family industry is funding liberal candidates, including Republicans. Planned Parenthood and the pornography and cloning industries have lots of money to buy lots of air time for their candidate of choice. Don’t let an honorable, pro-family, constitutional candidate, like Cynthia, get washed down the drain due to lack of funds.

If you haven’t yet contributed, please do so today. Voter mailing, email and radio and newspaper advertising is not cheap. But all these are necessary to achieve victory.

Vote for your favorite version of the 30-second radio commercial below:

Radio Spot Version A:


Radio Spot Version B:


Which version of the radio spot do you prefer?

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THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS. I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings and

Together, for the cause of LIBERTY,


Donna Ivanovich
“ELECT CYNTHIA DAVIS” Campaign Manager
Founding Member, former State Chairman, and
National and State Executive Committee Member
(314) 956-6181
www.CPMO.us and www.VoteCynthia.com