Changing the Course of a Nation

Four Pillars of the Christian Republic

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Four Pillars of the Constitutional Republic

  • Part 1 - Christianity is the Bedrock
  • Part 2 - The Declaration of Independence is the Foundation
  • Part 3 - The Constitution is the Framework
  • Part 4 - Bill of Rights Are the Walls

There was a specific historic evolution that led to the founding of the American colonies, and their transformation into a nation. For the Founding Fathers; Christ was the bedrock, the Declaration of Independence the foundation, the Constitution the framework and the Bill of Rights the walls of a Constitutional Republic. It was a fortress of law rather than stone, unlike anything seen before. It was also a nation founded from the people up, with the intent of keeping government under restraint.

This course is divided into four lessons to examine each of these pillars of the nation’s construction. It is hoped that you will see that it takes all four of these pillars for our Republic to work. At the end of the fourth lesson you will hear a list of suggested reading that was a part of the work used in the course development. My greatest hope is that you will learn far more than I know about this subject, so that we may hand to our progeny the freedom our Founders intended.

God Bless,

Dave Lay