Changing the Course of a Nation

Ron Paul & Cynthia Davis


Whether or not you support RON PAUL, it’s interesting to note the similarities that CYNTHIA DAVIS and he share. Check it out:

1) Both are 100% PRO-LIFE

2) Dr. Paul consistently votes in accordance with Constitutional principles. The Freedom Index that studies constitutional voting in the U.S. Congress has applied 100% ratings to him for many years.

The Young Conservatives of America do similar studies in the MO Assembly and ranked Cynthia as their first ever #1 Most Constitutional Voting Legislator out of 163 members in the House of Representatives.

3) Both have proven their trustworthiness by honoring their marital vows. Dr. Paul has been married to the same wife for over 50 years - Cynthia has been married to the same husband for over 31 years.

4) Both refuse to be controlled by the BIG monied, globalist, influence-seeking lobbyists because they don’t accept their money. They will not sell their souls, or sell out what is in the best interests for their constituents, just to get big donations.

ACTION ITEM: Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul attracts thousands of energetic supporters to his rallies. Cynthia has been invited to attend their rally next week and needs help distributing her campaign brochures.

Dr. Paul will speak at Lindenwood University at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 10, in Hyland Arena on the St. Charles campus, located at 209 South Kingshighway, St. Charles, MO 63301.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Please help us distribute Cynthia’s campaign literature at this rally

Help us inform other freedom-loving patriots that Missouri has their own Ron Paul running for Lt. Governor

Pick up brochures at the entrance at 2:00 PM from Cynthia’s politically decorated truck

Contact: Donna Ivanovich

(314) 956-6181