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Announcing 2012 Candidates

The following is the official list of endorsed candidates for the Constitution Party of Missouri.

All Constitution Party candiates must complete a vetting process to receive an endorsement from the party. This endorsement assures the voter that the candidate has committed to adhere to the party platform, the principles of liberty and constitutional governing in all their decisions and votes.

Cynthia Davis for Lt. Governor

Cynthia Davis’ campaign was up and running before she even officially filed for the office of Lt. Governor! Since last fall, Cynthia has already traveled hundreds of miles across Missouri taking her campaign to the people of Missouri, and the people of Missouri are finding out that Cynthia is no run of the mill politician.

We are excited to have this four term state representative on our ballot seeking the second highest office in Missouri. Cynthia, with the honor of being chosen Missouri’s most constitutionally-voting legislator during the 2010 legislative session, is committed to serve as the people’s watchdog in Jefferson City.

Please visit her website, www.votecynthia.com to volunteer and donate to her campaign.

Anatol Zorikova for US Congress - 2nd District

Anatol Zorikova brings a unique perspective to the 2nd Congressional District race that no other candidate can claim. She understands first-hand the destructive nature of socialism, not only to the economy of a nation, but the even greater and more subtle threat to the heart and soul of a people, who live under an oppressive government system.

Recognizing clearly the warning signs, Anatol is committed to safeguarding the right and liberties of all Americans through obedience to the Constitution, and a free enterprise system that promotes healthy growth and jobs for our country.

You may learn how you can help Anatol’s campaign by visiting her website, www.zorikovaforcongress.com

Greg Cowan for US Congress – 4th District

Greg is making his second bid for the job of representing the people of the 4thCongressional District in Washington, D.C., as a solid constitutionalist. Even though the district gained conservative representation in 2010, the voting record proves the people still lack the principled and constitutional leadership that Greg will bring to the district.Please contact Greg at 417-322-2859 for further information on his campaign.

Susan Beck (Soap Box Sue) for State Representative – District 158






While Sue may be new to the Constitution Party, she is no stranger in the fight to preserve liberty. We are excited to have Sue representing the constitutional position in the state representative race in District 158. Not only does Sue hold proper positions on the issues, she is a proven leader in her community. Jefferson City needs the type of leadership that Sue can provide to put our state back on track.

Contact Sue at (417) 737-1217, to find out how you can help elect her in November.

Daniel Plemons for Sheriff – Johnson County

The office of county sheriff is often overlooked in the scope of things constitutional, yet we couldn’t be more excited to have a true constitutionalist running for Johnson County Sheriff. Dan will not only bring honesty and integrity to the office, but he will bring a firm commitment to defend the constitutional rights of the citizens in Johnson County. A proven leader and strong family man, Dan will serve to protect the citizens of Johnson County with honor.

You may reach Dan at dcpassso@yahoo.com to help elect him to this important office.