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Historic Endorsement Interview

~ In Case You Missed It ~

Constitution Party Candidate for Missouri Lt. Governor, Cynthia Davis, was interviewed by Christian radio owner/host, Dick Bott. They discussed her historic endorsement of a non-major party candidate by Missouri Right to Life.

Cynthia Davis is, hands down, the best candidate in the race. Please invest your money, your efforts, and your vote in her campaign. She has proven time and again she is everything she says she is on the campaign trail. That is a rarity in American politics, and we cannot afford to have someone of her caliber losing in November.

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This campaign cannot run on air, and Cynthia will not sell her soul to influence-seeking lobbyists. The cloning industry is sending boatloads of money to her Republican opponents.

So, please - please - make your most generous donation on-line here:




or make your check payable to “Elect Cynthia Davis” mailed to:

Cynthia Davis for Lt. Governor
94 Sunfish Drive
Suite 201
Defiance, MO 63341

Are you sick and tired of the same ole, same ole and constantly being betrayed by the promises from both parties? Well . . . . . . .Building the Constitution Party is not for the faint of heart. It is time to exhibit the courage of our Founders when they stared down the barrels of British Muskets.

Volunteer and help us save our state & nation working from OUTSIDE the 2-party system and WITH the only political party that will promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty.

We are up against incredible power and adversity, but our nation is worth it. The only way to send a wake up call to both Republican and Democrat parties is if they both lose to a Constitution Party candidate. Check our website to see who the Constitution Party candidate is in your area. The CPMO only endorses candidates who have been thoroughly vetted on constitutional principles. No other political party does this.

Become an official member and help us help you.

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