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Can American Political Parties Be Reformed from Within?

By Ray Kish, Vice Chairman
What if history is repeating itself and few people are paying attention? What if Americans of 2012 were guilty of ignoring the same warning signs as the Germans in the 1930′s? Not guilty of ignoring atrocities, but guilty of ignoring the little steps that lead to an all powerful, unaccountable central government.

All of us at one time or another have looked back into history and asked, “what were the Germans thinking?” or “How could they let that happen?” Sadly, they did let it happen, and this video attempts to offer you a snapshot view of the mindset of the German people while National Socialism was growing in power.

This is a subject that needs serious consideration by people of all political stripes. It is not the fate of the political parties that hangs in the balance, it is the fate of your children and those of future generations. Let us not be the generation that says, “if only we had done something when we first saw the warning signs”.

America, our freedom and the blood of those that purchased both are far too precious to ignore the early warning signs of tyranny. It is our duty to watch for those signs and oppose them fiercely when we see them.

Have you ever thought that the political parties of today can be reformed from the inside? You might be surprised to know that many of those same arguments were employed under National Socialism. Please listen to the video with an open mind and seriously consider the lesson from history.

Let it not be asked of our generation, “how could you let it happen? How could you let freedom slip away?”

The German people thought they were free, until one day too late, they discovered that their own complacency had made them prisoners.



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