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Press Release: September is Protecting Marriage Month

Cynthia Davis, Executive Director
Center for Marriage Policy

The Center for Marriage Policy has launched “Protecting Marriage Month”, a nationwide viral leafleting campaign during the month of September.
Research shows that promiscuity, especially in the gay community, has become a national health hazard.   Credible studies show that gay men have between 4 and 100 times more sex partners than heterosexual men.
The majority of America’s most dangerous and untreatable sexually-transmitted diseases are bred in the gay community and transmitted to many innocent women and infants by gay men, the majority of whom are bisexual.  As a result, 25% of new HIV infections are in women.  Few of these new victims are lesbians or drug users. While some of these women live a promiscuous lifestyle, others are innocent wives and children.  HIV is the #14 cause of infant death in the United States.
“We do not understand why anybody is entertaining the notion of special protections for gays and teaching homosexuality in our schools”, says David R. Usher, President of the Center for Marriage Policy.  “Homosexual promiscuity is an unacceptable health risk for both gays and the rest of America.  We do not promote smoking or drug use, or provide special protections for those behaviors.  Homosexuality is a preference.  We must deal with this serious health problem at face value.  Gay advocacy groups promoting this highly-promiscuous lifestyle are encouraging behaviors that are killing the vast majority of their own constituents.
Cynthia L. Davis, Executive Director of the Center for Marriage Policy adds that, “We care enough about life to take action to address this national health problem.  Having spent over 16 years in public office, I have seen the politicians pander to the latest trend just to try and get votes instead of leading our communities with public policies based upon truth, honor and honesty.  We will feel better about our culture when we restore our moral compass based upon health and compassion.”
A national viral leafleting campaign is underway to educate businesses, legislators, and schools about national priorities.   The Center for Marriage Policy believes that the focus should be on helping individuals free themselves from social programming that has been going on in schools and public policy for over a decade, and to discourage promiscuous sexual behaviors in our public school system.
Press Conference with Cynthia Davis:

Saturday, September 1, 11:00 A.M.
Santa-Cali-Gon Festival, Maple Street, Independence, MO, Cynthia Davis/Constitution Party booth (in front of Emanuel Cleaver’s office).

Source Materials:

·         Homosexual Promiscuity’s National Health Crisis (World Net Daily)
·         Protecting Marriage Month Leaflet (PDF)
·         “Protect Marriage Month” targets ‘gay’ health risks (World Net Daily)

Cynthia Davis: cynthia.davis@marriagepolicy.org, 636 240-6369
David R. Usher: david.usher@marriagepolicy.org
Scott Lively: http://defendthefamily.com/, sdllaw@gmail.com, 413 250-0984
Ryan Sorba: ryanjsorba@gmail.com

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