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Winners Not Whiners!

Winners Not Whiners!

Peg Luksik points out that when the chips were down these amazing young people didn’t whine, they won! Well, it’s time for the American people to quit whining, blame-shifting and pointing fingers at everyone, but themselves. Let’s take the cards we have been dealt and turn them into a winning hand. Politicians will never restore liberty in this nation, but a small group of committed people can change the direction of the nation. Will you continue to whine, or will you be a part of group of liberty-lovers, who are willing to pay the price necessary to restore freedom and prosperity to this nation?

August 7, 2012

Role Models

Americans love sports.  Walk through any mall, and you will see kids wearing ball caps with the name of their favorite team, and T-shirts with the name and number of their favorite athlete.  There is no other single area which provides so many role models to our children.

Sadly, many professional athletes are better models of spoiled brats than anything else.

But the athletes representing us at the London Olympics are true role models.

Let’s start with Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in the history of the games.  In his interview with Bob Costas after winning his final medal, he was asked about his first race, in which he placed fourth.  Phelps could have made excuses, but he didn’t.  He said that the results of every race in London, including that first one, were the consequences of his level of training.  He said that when he chose his level of training, he was also choosing his level of result.  So the greatest swimmer, ever, plainly told every one of our kids that effort matters, even for him.

Now let’s talk about gymnast Danell Leyva.  He won the bronze medal in the All-Around competition for gymnasts.  In his interview, he was asked about his past.  His mother brought Danell and his brother from Cuba to the United States when Danell was still a small child.  They became American citizens.  The interviewer wanted to know if Danell considered himself a displaced Cuban.  His response was that he was 100% American, that he was incredibly proud to represent the United States, and that he hoped that with the international attention the Olympics was receiving, some child from the same background as his would see that hope and opportunity still exist in the world.  Danell’s words and actions are the living embodiment of America’s “shining beacon on the hill.”

Then there was McKayla Maroney, the American gymnast universally considered the gold standard in Olympic vaulting.  In the team competition, her vault left the judges sitting stunned and open-mouthed.  But in the individual round, she landed on her bottom on her second vault.  Even with that, she won the silver.  Afterwards, she was asked if she was dissatisfied with her scores.  Her reply was that she was dissatisfied with her performance.  She told the reporters that a gymnast who lands on her butt does not deserve to win a gold medal.  She had trained as hard as she could for that moment, but when she made a mistake, she admitted it without excuses or whining.  She showed our kids how to handle disappointment with grace.

Finally, we have Missy Franklin, the 17-year-old swimmer who won 4 gold medals and 1 bronze, the most any female swimmer has ever won in a single Olympics.  In the process she set two world records.  She is also an honor student, and swims for her high school team.  She comes from Aurora, Colorado, and she told interviewers that she was happy to give the folks back home something to focus on besides the tragic shootings.  She had to swim two races with only a 20 minute break.  Everyone was worried except Missy.  Missy turned out to be correct, as she qualified in the first race, and won a gold medal in the second.  When asked, she responded that she just dealt with the situation and did her best.  She showed our kids what you can do if you focus on coping instead of complaining.

Happily, these four athletes are the rule, not the exception.

The 2012 U.S. Olympic team is doing us proud, both in the arena and in the limelight.  They deserve our congratulations and our thanks for a job well done.

Peg Luksik is a wife, mom, principled thinker, debater extraordinaire, and two-time Constitution Party candidate for Pennsylvania governor!  A staunch pro-life leader, she authors the Internet blog, “From the Kitchen Table” and is the founder of the Center for American Heritage. Please take time to visit her website, http://www.centerforamericanheritage.com .
Peg has graciously given us permission to reprint her blog posts.


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