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The Real Winners on Nov 6th, 2012


The Real Winners on November 6, 2012

Their names were not in the headlines!

Large crowds did not gather around big screens anxiously awaiting the results!

No reporters were waiting in the wings to record or film their victory speeches!

No, the real winners, the unsung heroes of this election, are the men and women, who offered the only real hope of change for our country. They answered a call, a high calling to stand in truth and integrity, never violating or compromising their values or beliefs for votes and victories that would never restore liberty or prosperity. Gathering with families and supporters on November 6, they celebrated quietly the peace that comes from knowing you did the right thing.

We are eternally grateful to our unsung heroes in the Missouri Constitution Party – our 2012 candidates.

Cynthia Davis – candidate for Lt. Governor
Greg Cowan – candidate for US Congress- District 4
Sue Beck – candidate for State Representative - District 158
Dan Plemons – candidate for Sheriff- Johnson County

Please send our candidates a note of thanks, and I am sure any donations would still be appreciated. In the tradition of our founders, they willingly contributed much of their own personal finances during the campaign.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the party members,

Cindy Redburn, State Chair of the Constitution Party of Missouri