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Constitution Party Elects New State Officers

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~ There is Another Choice ~

Columbia, MO. On December 8, 2012, freedom-loving Missourians gathered in the Boone County Commissioner’s Chambers and elected new officers to the Executive Board of the Constitution Party; the two-year terms commence January 1, 2013.

Raymond Kish, former Party Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, was elected to serve as State Chairman. Kish, a U.S.Marine Corps Veteran having served in Northern Iraq during “Operation Desert Storm” defending the Kurds from the forces of Sadaam Hussein, lives in Buffalo, MO (Dallas County) with his wife, Laurie. They homeschool their 3 children and own Modest Apparel U.S.A., a clothing manufacturing company boasting, “Exclusively Made in U.S.A.”.



Picture of Sue BeckSue Beck, a 2012 State Representative candidate, was elected as the Party’s Vice-Chairman. Sue lives in Shell Knob (Barry County) with husband, Ken, a retired military nurse. She is a long-time community activist and volunteer. Some highlights of community service include; former vice president of The Shell Knob Lions Club, a founder of the successful “Shakin’ in the Shell” festival, former Team Development Chair for Southern Barry County “Relay For Life”, “National Day of Prayer” Coordinator for The Alliance of Churches and Treasurer of The Barry County Council On Aging to name a few. Sue introduced the SW Missouri Tea Party and others to The Constitution Party. She has always taken great pride in her country and would often voice her opinion on issues, earning her the nick name of “Soap Box Sue”.


Frances Hoxsey, elected to the position of Secretary, lives in Butler (Bates County) with husband, Richard. She has been a long-time, active member of the Constitution Party, a political activist on constitutional issues, and a small business owner.



Michael Eberle, having served from 2010-2012, was re-elected to the position of Treasurer. Michael lives in Jefferson City (Cole County) and is actively involved in politics.


Ray Kish stated, “The two-party system has abandoned our heritage and restructured our laws to benefit the special interests that fund their campaigns. Democrats and Republicans subscribe to the unconstitutional premise of centralized power, and both support the dismantling of our manufacturing base and the inherent loss of jobs, which has culminated in the decline of the standard of living of all Americans. Their self-serving policies have wasted the potential of our country and denied the people their rightful place as the source of power in government”.

Further, Kish says, “Our plan to restore the rule of constitutional government to our country should appeal to all Americans concerned about the future of our nation”.

To schedule interviews with Raymond Kish, please contact Donna Ivanovich at (314) 956-6181 or DonnaIvanovich@ConstitutionPartyMO.org


The Constitution Party’s allegiance is to the Constitution and not to a political party. The Party provides a ballot for constitutionalists to campaign and win elected offices, and it provides a place for constitutional voters to participate in the political process without compromising their values. It is the only 100% pro-life (without exception), pro-States’ Rights, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-limited government political party in America. It opposes illegal immigration and open borders, U.S. policy being dictated by the United Nations, undeclared, unconstitutional wars (such as Iraq and Afghanistan), and opposes free trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and PNTR.

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