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Starting tonight, you have options!
The airwaves are filled with pointless hand wringing as commentators bemoan the condition of our country. It’s enough to make you want to turn off the TV and radio. Why do we want to hear more bad news?
Well, I’m doing something about it.

Tonight I am starting my own Internet radio show. You can listen live Tuesday, January 8th from 8-9 pm, or even listen later when it may be more convenient. I will be on every Tuesday night from 8-9 pm.
You can listen here:

Or you can type in : BlogTalkRadio/MissouriGrassrootsRadio
to listen.

If you want to ask a question on the show, you can call:

(347) 677-1835


Missouri Grassroots Radio

Home Front with Cynthia Davis on Missouri Grassroots Radio. As a writer, speaker and former state legislator, Cynthia Davis shapes the public debates back toward integrity and the ultimate weapon for limiting government—strengthening families.Select this link to hear a sample:
Introducing Cynthia’s “HomeFront” radio show:

This week Cynthia Davis will be interviewing David Usher, President for the Center for Marriage Policy.

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