We're Changing the Course of a Nation

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by Cynthia Davis

Speaking at the Tax Day Rally in Jefferson City on April 15, 2013. I am committed to continuing to be a conscience for our state and nation. If you want to hear my entire speech, you can click here:

It seems remarkable that I have been out of office for two years and people still call on me to articulate the message of liberty. I take these opportunities very seriously because our freedom of speech still exists and we must do all we can to move our culture in the right direction. Even if we are only holding a finger in the dike, everything makes a difference. Everyone has something to contribute within our spheres of influence to prevent further decay of our values and the world as we know it.

There is wisdom in many counselors, so this week we pose a question and would appreciate your advice and suggestions for what Missouri needs. Some have suggested I take a run for the State Senate. Others have suggested we can be more effective from outside the political cesspool. About three years ago I ran for senate and came extremely close to beating a deeply entrenched incumbent. Now, due to term limits, that seat will once again be open. On the other hand, running for any office requires a great deal of support including both political and financial backing. Grassroots candidates rarely have the funding necessary to do the voter education necessary to win offices.

Like you, I get fatigued with the letters that sound desperate and make you think the world will end if you don’t send in a donation right now. I hope you appreciated me not begging for money every week like so many others do. However, I am mulling over some of my options for the future and am asking for your opinion. I am going to be closing my bank account and removing an opportunity to recover a very large debt. We can open up another account should we decide to engage in another campaign. My banker has informed me that we have more outstanding obligations left to pay. My husband has been making up the difference, but it would be great if we could end in the black.

I will continue speaking, writing and end in the black regardless of whatever sacrifices are necessary. Yet, if you are moved in your heart to help me in my efforts, I need about $500 to finish paying off our debts for the campaign. We have already closed our official campaign reporting and will be closing our bank account soon. So if you want to help us end in the black, mailing us a donation in the next week will make a huge difference and would be extremely appreciated.