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Amnesty for Illegals


February 19, 2013

~ The Constitution Party Stands Strong Against Amnesty ~We oppose any extension of amnesty to illegal aliens. We call for the use of U.S. troops to protect the states against invasion.

The Constitution Party has been, and continues to be, the only national political party to stand firmly against the current variations of a “Pathway to Citizenship/Comprehensive Immigration Reform/Amnesty” proposed out of Washington.

While many of these proposals - by the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, and every faction in between - seek to address the out-of-control situation of illegal immigration with a pass, all fail to address the Rule Of Law. They ignore the fact that illegal immigration is just that, it is illegal. “It is somewhat analogous to redefining laws against breaking and entering so that those engaging in such conduct would no longer be treated as criminals”, stated Ray Kish, Missouri State Chairman.

Currently, suggested proposals fail to address what negative impacts such legislation would have on entitlement spending, Obamacare, environmental issues, sustainability, etc. These elected leaders fail to publicly recognize that there are many from all these political affiliations that oppose such legislation, which is more geared at what is best for those illegally residing in the USA than what truly is best for Americans, legal residents and the future of this great nation.

Kish further states, “There is a current pathway to citizenship - it is called “Legal Immigration”. The Constitution Party supports a sensible legal immigration system in the United States. However, this support should not be piggybacked, combined or confused with illegal immigration. We support and demand such legislation - a legal immigration system - that complements and promotes the best for the United States of America and its citizenry - that denies a pathway for those who have successfully, many with full pre-mediation, ignored our Rule Of Law.”

Michael Eberle, a member of the Missouri Executive Committee, continues, “The Constitution Party supports lawful solutions, including initiatives, such as Attrition Thru Enforcement, as a means to address illegal immigration - not a pass to reward criminal behavior. We support programs, such as E-Verify, to put millions of Americans back to work. We must have strict enforcement and compliance of any and all common sense visa programs, and we demand security of our borders and ports to ensure that illegal immigration is a diminishing problem for the future.Missouri Constitution Party State Chairman Ray Kish is available for further comment at (417) 770-3407 or

The Constitution Party’s allegiance is to the Constitution and not to a political party. The Party provides a ballot for constitutionalists to campaign and win elected offices, and it provides a place for constitutional voters to participate in the political process without compromising their values. It is the only 100% pro-life (without exception), pro-States’ Rights, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-limited government political party in America. It opposes illegal immigration and open borders, U.S. policy being dictated by the United Nations, undeclared, unconstitutional wars (such as Iraq and Afghanistan), and opposes free trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and PNTR

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