Changing the Course of a Nation

Dan Plemons - State Representative #54

Dan PlemonsDan Plemons retired in 2012 from 40+ years a a law enforcement officer.
He is hopeful all of residents in District #54 are ready for a return to constitutional principles and believes, as is stated regarding part of the meaning of our great Missouri state flag, “The bears support a shield encircled by the motto: United we stand, divided we fall (indicating Missouri’s advantage as a member of the United States).”
Dan and Connie have been married 44 years with 9 children, 43 Grandchildren (and one on the way) and 2 great-grand children, as well as numerous Foster Grandchildren who call us Maw & Paw. After his devotion to the Savior and Eternal Father, it is Dan’s deep and abiding love for family which is of utmost importance to him. Safe guarding their constitutional freedoms and allowing all people the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution is top priority in his life.
Dan is hopeful voters in his District will get to know him, and together aim for a better tomorrow for their families and all residents of the great state of Missouri.