Changing the Course of a Nation

Richard McKie - County Legislator, Jackson County


Richard3I am running for Jackson County Missouri Legislator-3rd District. I am 63 years old-a retired letter carrier. I am married for 32 years to my wonderful wife. I have 4 grown sons and 13 grandchildren. I volunteer at my church in the food pantry and with “After the Harvest” I believe in my Lord Jesus and the Constitution. We need limited government. We need informed citizens. Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes. I will not take contributions from anyone with strings attached. I would look carefully at any new bills that affect individual taxpayers money. Our country and taxpayers cannot fund everything and everybody. The 2 major parties and those who run for them do not have the average voters interest at heart. People should have a choice when they vote. I would consider each bill individually. I would be open to hear concerns of all people in the district. I stand for the Constitution Party’s Platform. Thanks for your consideration.