Changing the Course of a Nation

Memorial Day

Just a reminder that Memorial Day was not created so that everyone can shop and the folks who work at the banks get another day off.  It was not created so that we could barbecue, shop and open up the swimming pools, although you would never guess that by what we observe in our culture.We need to use this time to remind ourselves of what is really important and of the values that made our country great.  A few years ago I was invited to speak at an event put on by the Daughters of the American Revolution to honor our past heroes of Liberty.      

There is no place more fitting than talking about those we want to remember in a cemetery.

John White, a member of the St. Charles County Council, and I. 

This is the part of the ceremony that grips all of us….when they asked those who are members of the military to stand up and be recognized.  The young man standing in the center is my son, Ben, who was with the Missouri Air National Guard 131st Fighter Wing and now Alaska Air National Guard.  We had six of our children with us that day and five of them are pictured next to their big brother, Ben.

Visiting with some of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Love all those who are helping to remind us of history.It is only due to the courage of those who fought for us, and to God’s providence, that we are where we are today.  It is proper for all of us to take the time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and liberty.

This is one of my favorite videos because it gives us a small glimpse of the struggles others have endured for us and the importance of prayer: