Changing the Course of a Nation

Recommended Reading

National Center for Constitutional Studies

Best site for overall resources on constitutional government, founding fathers, and other books on the principles of liberty:

Best choices for constitutional studies from NCCS










The 5,000 Year Leap - A good place to start. Explains the 28 principles of freedom a nation must practice to remain free.


The Making of America - W. Cleon Skousen This 800 plus page book expounds on the principles and ideas of the founding fathers in designing our form of government. Direct quotes from the founders explains their thinking and reasoning as they debated and deliberated our constitution. Don’t let the size of this book intimidate you. Written in layman’s language, except for direct quotes from the Founders, it is an easy read.


A Guide for Learning and Teaching The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution - Joseph Andrews For the serious student, this book uses original sources documents and applies the classical learning methods of the Founders.

Other helpful books on principles of liberty and proper role of government available from NCCS:










The Law - Frederic Bastiat

51hzkeifDXL._SL500_Betrayed by the Bench - John Stormer











The Founding Fathers on Leadership: Classic Teamwork in Changing Times-Donald T. Phillips This book is recommended for every leader who takes their role seriously. Just the history in the book makes it worth reading.










The Proper Role of Government - Ezra Taft Benson A quick read that summarizes the role and purpose of government. Not listed in NCCS’s catalog, but is available for purchase

Other Books and Resources - available from most book stores and some libraries

For further education on our founding documents and the ideas of liberty

Defending the Declaration - Gary T. Amos

Plymouth Rock Foundation -
Offers two excellent CD study courses on the Constitution

Constitutional Law - Paul W. Jehle
Institutes on the Constitution - John Eidsmoe

Hamilton’s Curse - Thomas DiLorenzo   Any of DiLorenzo’s books are well-worth reading

Solution Based Books

The Patriot’s Guide to Taking America Back - Charles Kraut Highly recommended. Where most books focus on problems and briefly mention solutions, this book briefly identifies problems as a means of educating the uninformed, and then directs the reader to workable solutions.

Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century - Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Reclaiming the American Revolution: The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and Their Legacy - William J. Watkins, Jr.
Both books examine the doctrine of nullification: a constitutional solution used to stop the abuse of power by the federal government


The New American - published by John Birch Society ( is a good source for DVD’s on current issue)