Changing the Course of a Nation

Independence Day Special Edition

This photo was taken while we were lining up for
the 4th of July Parade in O’Fallon two years ago.


 It’s always important to take these occasions to remind people of why we celebrate.
Many good citizens wonder what they can do besides praying, voting, volunteering to help good candidates get elected and running for office themselves.  We have done so much to help promote God-fearing, Constitution- loving, life-revering values in our communities and nation.  

This was a photo someone snapped with Doug Edelman, conservative icon in St. Charles County, at the “Old Fashioned Independence Day Celebration” at the Akin residence a few years ago.

There is a nearly forgotten tradition of publicly reading the Declaration of Independence.  This can happen in front of state houses, court houses, city halls, village squares and wherever people gather.  If you feel inspired to publicly read the Declaration of Independence, even if it is at your backyard barbecue, it might inspire others as well.  If you don’t want to read it, put on my pod-cast and let me read it to your friends and others who might enjoy a reminder of why we fought for our sovereignty.  

Whatever else you do, reading the Declaration of Independence will top off your day!

What You Can Do: