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2014 Candidates

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The Constitution Party

Proudly Presents its 2014 Candidates

Doug Enyart - U.S. Representative #8

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(573) 429-7800,

Doug Enyart For Congress 1 Resized to 5 x 7Doug was previously nominated as the Constitution Party candidate in the 2013 “special election” to fill the congressional seat in the 8th District. He is a small business owner/consultant in Piedmont, MO specializing in private property, forest, wildlife and land management. He is in tune with rights of property owners and the importance of protection of those rights. He also recognizes the challenges small businesses, those that create the majority of new jobs, encounter in the face of over-regulation of the government.

Doug has been married to his high school sweetheart since 1977 with three children and three grandchildren, including three year old twins. He is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow, and a graduate of Humboldt University.

Rodney Farthing - State Auditor

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Rodney FarthingRodney Farthing is in his 13th year as the Development Director for ARM Prison Outreach. He is a 1971 graduate and Distinguished Alumnus of St. Louis Christian College in Florissant, MO. Rod was in pulpit ministry for 33 years — including a nine-year ministry in Salem, MO, where he still resides.

Rodney ran for State Treasurer in 2008 and garnered 2.4% of the vote, just over 66,000 votes.

He has been married to his college sweetheart, Jan, since 1970. They have six children — whose ages range from 18 to 40 — and four granddaughters.

Dan Plemons - State Representative #54

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Dan PlemonsDan Plemons retired in 2012 from 40+ years a a law enforcement officer.
He is hopeful all of residents in District #54 are ready for a return to constitutional principles and believes, as is stated regarding part of the meaning of our great Missouri state flag, “The bears support a shield encircled by the motto: United we stand, divided we fall (indicating Missouri’s advantage as a member of the United States).”
Dan and Connie have been married 44 years with 9 children, 43 Grandchildren (and one on the way) and 2 great-grand children, as well as numerous Foster Grandchildren who call us Maw & Paw. After his devotion to the Savior and Eternal Father, it is Dan’s deep and abiding love for family which is of utmost importance to him. Safe guarding their constitutional freedoms and allowing all people the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution is top priority in his life.
Dan is hopeful voters in his District will get to know him, and together aim for a better tomorrow for their families and all residents of the great state of Missouri.

Butch Page - State Representative #57

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(816) 392-4895,
Butch Page Butch spent 21 years in the military ~ 4 years Army as a Cavalry Scout with the 2nd Cavalry and 17 years Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller. 12 years overseas. Retired 1994. He spent a short time as a substitute school teacher, then worked contract air traffic until the airport was closed. Currently works as a government contract security PSO for Homeland security and plans to retire in December. Married to Susan with 3 daughters, 1 son and 8 grandchildren. Has a BS degree in Aeronautics from Embry Riddle University. Butch likes the outdoors such as wilderness camping, fishing and is a master rescue diver. He teaches Sunday School and was a past All-State VFW Commander of his VFW Post. He belongs to the Elks, American Legion, DAV, Harrisonville Honor Guard, AFSA, Legion Riders and his church at Archie First Baptist.

Butch says he is running for office for his grandchildren, so that they may have a future.

Cindy Redburn - State Representative District #96

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Cindy Redburn - 2007Cindy was born and raised in south St. Louis and has lived in Missouri most of her life. She’s a retired member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and recently retired from Providence Christian Classical Academy, where she served as the fourth grade teacher.

Her love of liberty and teaching led her to develop an eight week course, “Restoring the Foundations”, which she has taught since 2009 as well as leading a monthly book discussion group, First Fridays.

Cindy became politically active in 1992 as a charter member of the Constitution Party of Missouri and has served as their party chair and secretary, and currently serves as secretary for the Constitution Party National Committee.

Married to Alan for 36 years, they have six children and 10 grandchildren. It’s for the love of those grandchildren and the concern over the legacy that they’ll inherit that’s moved Cindy to declare her candidacy on the Constitution Party ticket:

“For the first time in the history of our nation, our children do not live in a better world than we did, and the future of our grandchildren is even dimmer. The America that was once respected and honored among the nations of the world as a place where people could be free and live in safety as the pursued their dreams is vanishing.

There is a better way to govern, and as citizens of the “Show Me State”, Missourians can lead the way in restoring the American dream. I am committed to a better way for a better Missouri.

Donna Ivanovich - State Representative #113

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2014 2 14 (6a)Donna began her political activism in 1991 as an elected Congressional District Coordinator for Ross Perot’s United We Stand America (later known as the Reform Party) in Sacramento CA. Following Bill Clinton’s victory, she and husband, Nick, continued the battle against NAFTA, GATT & WTO as Field Representatives for Ralph Nader’s Citizen Trade Campaign.
After moving to St. Louis, she joined the U.S. Taxpayers Party as a Founding Member and was elected as its State Vice Chairman from 1999 - 2006. During that time, she campaigned for Secretary of State twice and spearheaded a petition drive to regain ballot access. Donna was elected as State Chairman from 2006 – 2010, was the first elected female to serve on the National Executive Committee, and in 2007 received the prestigious Joan Johnson Servant Leadership Award.
Donna and Nick have been married 41 years with 6 children and 4 grandchildren. She retired in 2012 from the Law School at Saint Louis University.

Jerry Dollar - State Representative #115

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photo(4)Jerry Dollar is a staunch supporter of workers’ rights and “Made in America” products. He is a natural- born, individual doer. Years ago, alone, he drove the parking lots of Wal-Mart displaying a large sign on his pickup truck opposing the store’s numerous products Made in China.

An Operating Engineer for 17 years, he has worked on the Busch Stadium demolition and rebuild, the I-40-64 rebuild and various other infrastructure related projects in and around the St. Louis area. He is single with a 23 yr. old son and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor related activities.

Jerry is not running a “Politically Correct” campaign. He promises to follow the principles of the Constitution to protect individual freedoms and liberty.

Bill Gilmore - State Representative #126

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(660) 492-3139
Bill GilmoreWilliam (Bill) Gilmore is a retired Industrial Arts teacher and now tutors math in a local high school. He is a Vietnam veteran and was attached to the 173 Airborne in Italy after 9 11 as a national guardsman. He enjoys working on his small farm taking care of a pecan grove and plans to campaign on the need for state sovereignty and land owners rights.

Bill says he swore to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution when he was drafted in 1967 and again when he joined the Missouri National Guard. There was no ceremony at the end of his active duty that ended that Oath.

Joe Passanise - St. Louis County Executive

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Joe PassanniseJoe Passanise is a public advocate with 30 years experience working for St. Louis County Government as a professional engineer. He was a previous Republican candidate for St. Louis County Executive against Buzz Westfall and Charlie Dooley. In this campaign, he genuinely wants to learn more about the problems citizens have with their County Government by attending meetings with any group of citizens.

Joe says he tries to live his life by submitting his spirit to the inner presence of God to hear and live the Word that God places in his Heart. His mission is to restore honest, legal, effective, and efficient government for the benefit of St. Louis County residents. Email him at or snail-mail to: P.O. Box 411961, St. Louis, MO 63141

Richard McKie - County Legislator, Jackson County

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Richard3I am running for Jackson County Missouri Legislator-3rd District. I am 63 years old-a retired letter carrier. I am married for 32 years to my wonderful wife. I have 4 grown sons and 13 grandchildren. I volunteer at my church in the food pantry and with “After the Harvest” I believe in my Lord Jesus and the Constitution. We need limited government. We need informed citizens. Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes. I will not take contributions from anyone with strings attached. I would look carefully at any new bills that affect individual taxpayers money. Our country and taxpayers cannot fund everything and everybody. The 2 major parties and those who run for them do not have the average voters interest at heart. People should have a choice when they vote. I would consider each bill individually. I would be open to hear concerns of all people in the district. I stand for the Constitution Party’s Platform. Thanks for your consideration.

Committee Positions

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Bowers, Darrel - CommitteeMan, Benton Township, Wayne County (endorsement pending)
Burch, Angelia - CommitteeWoman, Benton Township, Wayne County (candidate withdrew)
Cravens, Linda - CommitteeWoman, Cowan Township, Wayne County
Dietz, Gerald - CommitteeMan, Poplar Bluff Township, Butler County (candidate withdrew)
Farthing, Jan - CommitteeWoman, Franklin Township, Dent County
Farthing, Rod - CommitteeMan, Franklin Township, Dent County
Jordan, B.J. - CommitteeWoman, Couch Township, Oregon County (endorsement pending)
Plemons, Connie - CommitteeWoman, Warrensburg Township, Johnson County
Plemons, Dan - CommitteeMan, Warrensburg Township, Johnson County
Purdom, Bruce - CommitteeMan, Logan Township, Wayne County
Rutherford, Linda - CommitteeWoman, St. Michael Township, Madison County
Rutherford, Tim - CommitteeMan, St. Michael Township, Madison County