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For Immediate Release - Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed

January 30, 2015

Doug Enyart

Saint Louis County Bars Voter Choice - Blocks Independents/Third-Parties From Special Election

Clayton, Missouri—The political landscape in the United States has been dominated by two major parties since 1860 when the fledgling Republican Party successfully elected Abraham Lincoln President. In the ensuing years many efforts have been made to secure this position and block participation by any and all challengers to the status quo. In Saint Louis County this has taken the form of an ordinance (Article II Section 2.150 - St.Louis County Charter) excluding all Third-Parties and Independent candidates from running in Special Elections for Saint Louis County Council.

On Wednesday January 21, 2015 Cindy Redburn, being officially nominated by the Constitution Party of Missouri, attempted to file for the office recently vacated by Steve Stenger, who took the position of Saint Louis County Executive. Redburn resides in the Sixth County Council District Stenger represented and desires to run for the office in effort to restore a constitutional voice to the Saint Louis County Council, along with competition for the entrenched Republican and Democrat parties. Mrs. Redburn is a registered voter in the district and meets all the necessary qualifications; she just isn’t a Democrat or Republican.

Today, Dave Roland, director of litigation for the Freedom Center of Missouri and the attorney representing the plaintiffs, Redburn, the Constitution Party of Missouri, and several voters from the Sixth County Council District filed a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming that Saint Louis County’s ban is unconstitutional. In addition to being unconstitutional, the Council’s actions violate the American sense of fairness, particularly disturbing when it pertains to our right to vote for the person whose political philosophy most represents our personal values and the original intent of the Founders.

A large percentage of Americans think neither Democrats nor Republicans represent voters’ interests, nor respect our Constitution. The majority of the electorate likes the idea of a third-party option. Cindy Redburn and the Constitution Party are standing up and fighting to give the American public that opportunity in Saint Louis County.

“We are pursuing this lawsuit because we believe voters deserve a real choice when it comes to who will represent them in office. We are making sure that governments cannot pass laws that insulate political insiders against the fresh ideas and perspectives other parties and independent candidates can offer,” Redburn stated.

Doug Enyart
State Chairman
Constitution Party of Missouri

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