Changing the Course of a Nation

A Message from the State Chairman


As you are all very well aware, this is a Presidential election year.  You are also aware there is much consternation about the choices delivered up for our consumption by the Establishment Parties.

We are in the final stage of getting our documentation for the Secretary of State to have our nominees, Darrell Castle for President and Scott Bradley for Vice President, placed on the ballot for the upcoming election on November 8th, 2016.

We are also working on ballot access in other states to achieve the necessary 270 Electoral College votes necessary to elect a President and Vice President (

I have been notified by the Secretary of State that we need to provide our slate of Presidential Electors no later than October 18th, 2016.  If you would be interested in being a Presidential Elector for the Constitution Party of Missouri, please contact our Vice Chairwoman Cindy Redburn at (314) 200-9282,

You must be an official Constitution Party member (, a registered voter, and have passed our vetting process by our Credentials Committee.  I have copied the section of our By-Laws pertaining to selection of Presidential Electors below.



The State Chairman shall appoint one Elector from each Congressional District and two at-large Electors, all subject to majority approval by the State Committee.

Missouri is entitled to ten (10) Presidential Electors: One for each of the eight US Congressional Districts and two At-Large statewide Electors for our two Senators.

You must be a qualified resident of the District you wish to represent, or a resident of Missouri for the At-Large positions, and not currently a candidate or holding a public office.


If you are interested in being a Presidential Elector for the Constitution Party of Missouri, please plan to attend our State Convention on Saturday, September 17th, Constitution Day, 2016.  The Convention will be held at the Stone Castle Inn in Branson Missouri (  Contact our Convention Planning Committee Chair, Connie Plemons at  816.944.7650 for details.

Doug Enyart
State Chairman
Constitution Party of Missouri