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Announcing 2018 Candidates

The following is the official list of endorsed candidates for the Constitution Party of Missouri.


MO State Auditor

Jacob Luetkemeyer

Jacob Luetkemeyer




Jacob is the Constitution Party candidate for State Auditor, looking to bring back accountability and transparency to Missouri government without partisan politics.  He is a lifelong Missouri resident dedicated to the principles of our founding fathers who has a strong desire to see Missouri government get back to following its intended purpose.

After graduating high school, Jacob attended DeVry Institute of Technology in Kansas City where he majored in Computer Information Systems.  He later moved back to central Missouri, where he continued his education at Columbia College, graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.  During this time, Jacob opened a retail business where he began applying his IT and Accounting education, developing his own accounting and point-of-sale applications.

After 11 successful years of business, Jacob took a position at IBM in Columbia Missouri as an automation developer and IT security specialist.  In this role, Jacob developed automation that drastically reduced manual processing tasks and created efficiency in his department.  He became familiar with IT security standards and provided Audit and Compliance support for multiple accounts, as well as training and support in these areas to team members around the globe.  He currently performs Data Analytics and Automation Support at IBM.

Jacob, his wife and 8 children currently reside in California, Missouri on a small family farm.  They currently home educate their children and attend Solid Rock Family Church in Jefferson City.  Jacob enjoys gardening, animal husbandry, & holistic healthcare.




Please visit Jacob’s website to volunteer and donate to his campaign.


MO State Rep - District #126

Stephen Biles

Stephen Biles




Facebook: electstephenbiles







Please visit Stephen’s website to volunteer and donate to his campaign.


Presiding Commissioner of Taney County

David Stottle

David is a 30+ year employee of the Taney county road and bridges department is running for Presiding Commissioner of Taney County.  David lives in Hollister and is very familiar with the county and wants to focus on better management of the county budget.


5th Congressional District of Missouri

Ed Fredland

Ed Fredland is the Constitution Party candidate for the 5th Congressional District of Missouri.

Ed is a retired industrial engineer and resides in Grain Valley. Ed firmly believes in the rule of law provided through our Constitution. Ed clearly understands the David and Goliath battle he faces in a congressional district race and wants those voters, who understand the necessity of returning to constitutionally-limited government, to a have constitutional choice on the ballot. Please give Ed your vote and support in November.


Saint Louis County Executive

Andrew Ostrowski

Andrew Ostrowski



Facebook: Andrew Ostrowski


Andrew is the Constitution Party candidate for County Executive – Saint Louis County. He was born in Chicago and currently resides in Maryland Heights. Andrew has been married for 19 years and has three children. He is of the Roman Catholic faith, is a member of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus. He currently works as a security officer.

In 2014 Andrew ran for County Assessor, garnering 116,127 votes (40%).

Andrew has ambitious plans for Saint Louis County, should he be elected. His plans include bringing a light rail public transit system to Saint Louis County, eliminating property taxes, and bringing in NFL and NBA teams.

He also plans to advocate for school choice and people with disabilities.

He says all these plans can be implemented without increasing taxes or expenditure of public funds.



All MO Constitution Party candidates must complete a vetting process to receive an endorsement from the party.

This endorsement assures the voter that the candidate has committed to adhere to the party platform, the principles of liberty and constitutional governing in all their decisions and votes.