Changing the Course of a Nation

Blue Springs Constitution Party Monthly Meeting

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 | 0 comments

Kansas City-Missouri When: July 19 6:30-7:30 Where: Zarda’s Barbecue 7 Hwy. Blue Springs, MO Topics: As in keeping with our group plans we will be hosting people from different groups who are looking for answers to our nation’s crisis. while we may not agree with all of their goals, like minded Americans need to begin to band together. Guest Speakers: Mary Lindsay of Move to Amend Contact : Dave Lay...

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A Gathering of Patriots

Posted on Jun 18, 2011 | 0 comments

St. Louis-Missouri When: Wednesday, June 22nd, 6:30p-8:30p Where: Jefferson County Library - Arnold Branch 1701 Missouri State Road, near Astra Way and 141 As a local leader, I have seen a decline in interest from not only the public but our own fellow Constitutionalists. I would like to have a get together to look at our options, to brainstorm and discuss what it is that we need to do to interest people in getting involved and educated. Contact : Michelle Hohmeier 636-467-2057

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The following Missouri Legislative Alert comes to us from our friends at The Liberty Restoration Project and  Contact Your Missouri Legislators Long story short, Red Light Cameras will not be coming down this session, but if we don’t act… we will be getting SPEED CAMERAS!!!!  It is very critical that you contact your State Rep. and urge them to kill or change HB 430. SA 11 needs to be removed! Please urge them politely to do so. SPEED CAMS MAY COME TO MISSOURI!! Last evening (5/10/11), HB 430, the Omnibus Transportation Bill was before the Missouri Senate. The following amendments are of note. SA 4 proposed by Sen. Lembke, requires that all yellow times in the state confirm to no less than the minimum national engineering standard. What this does is prevent municipalities from short cycling their lights....

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Our National Credit Card is Maxed Out

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Most everyone has at least one credit card. We know how credit cards work and we know the results if we use them irresponsibly. So we are going to take an imaginary journey in credit card fantasy land. Let’s imagine that for years we have charged all of our living expenses on our credit card. Each month we pay less than we have charged. Eventually our credit card balance will reach the limit set by the card company when we were issued the card. We call the credit card company and ask for an increase to our credit limit. They willingly raise our limit because we are a good customer (we owe them a bundle!). Every couple of years we have to make this phone call because our credit limit has been reached. The credit card company gladly accommodates...

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Rally At the Capitol

Posted on Apr 20, 2011 | 0 comments

Our friend, Mindy Patterson, sent us the following information on this important rally for liberty! Rally at the Capitol  RALLY FOR AGRICULTURE  Wednesday, April 20th - 5:00 pm at the Missouri State Capitol south lawn & steps!   Please come to the RALLY FOR AGRICULTURE to show your support for SB113 and Missouri Agriculture! We need to show Governor Nixon that Missouri supports agriculture, so he will sign SB113 to send the message to HSUS that they are not welcome in Missouri! SB113 has passed the Senate and House and its fate now rests in the hands of Governor Jay Nixon. All of our work will be wasted if Governor Nixon vetoes SB113. We need to show him that Missourians and the Agriculture community want this common sense change. ALL eyes are on Missouri! The rest of America is...

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Constitution Party State Committee Meeting

Posted on Apr 5, 2011 | 1 comment

Saturday, April 16, 2011
This meeting is open to all interested parties. Bring a friend and join other Missourians from across the state, as we meet to discuss growth and plans to promote and encourage constitutional governing at all levels of government.

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