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Message from the National Chairman - Fall 2018

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Constitution Party Bucks National Trend

According to Richard Winger, publisher of Ballot Access News, the 2018 vote tallies for minor parties was the lowest ever since 1982. What is most interesting is that the Constitution Party is only one of two parties that seemed to buck that trend.

Along with the Libertarian Party, we were the only two parties (including the Republican and Democratic Parties) that increased their voter registration between 2016 and 2018.

Based on the information that I have been able to obtain, voter registration for the Constitution Party grew from 92,483 to 106,468 in that period for an increase of 13,985 or 15.12%. Of particular interest, those totals only include the 19 states where political party registration numbers are available. Many states do not track voter registration by party, so in actuality, our support base is much higher.

The election of Jerry Jones as County Commission in Greene County, North Carolina has caused no small stir in the political world. We received word that an individual who owns both a radio and TV station in that state was elated to learn of our victory and has offered to help build the state party. The fact that we won a countywide race as a new party in that state was viewed by many as a most remarkable achievement.

Jerry Jones was not the only candidate that did well in North Carolina - three other Constitution Party candidates running for local office likewise did exceptionally well. What was most revealing is that as I totaled the votes cast in those races, the vote counts for the Republican candidates came to 49% and votes for the Democrat candidates came to 22%, while the total vote counts for the Constitution Party candidates came to nearly 29%. Our candidates outpolled the Democratic candidates by nearly seven percentage points.

Voter registration in those counties was pretty evenly divided between Republican and Democrat voters, and both counties included a significant black population. In summary, the Constitution Party drew heavily from both demographic groups registered as Democratic and black voters. It was those votes that brought victory to Jerry Jones, and that gave the high vote percentages that the other CP candidates received.

From the analysis, it seemed quite clear that Blue Collar Reagan Democrats are quite willing to vote for a third choice, but not willing to vote for Republican candidates. Without a careful and detailed review, I would not have discovered that. In all four of those counties, there were only a total of 19 voters registered as Constitution Party.

North Carolina was not the only state where the party held its own. We also won an election in Michigan, but I do not yet have the details on that. We maintained ballot status in all ten states where we ran candidates. The Constitution Party was the only minor party that did not lose ballot status in the states where we ran candidates for office.

Three key states where we maintained ballot status were Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Several state-wide candidates in Michigan polled enough votes to retain ballot access in that state. In Wisconsin, both of our state-wide candidates, Terry Larson and Andrew Zuelke, easily won enough votes to keep the party on the ballot there. Andrew received more than double the required percentage that was needed. Also of interest, Wisconsin is the one state where the Libertarian Party did lose ballot status. Congratulations to the CP leadership in both Michigan and Wisconsin for their successes.

Of particular significance was our maintaining ballot status in the state of Missouri. Our candidate for State Auditor, Jacob Luetkemeyer, pulled off a stunning victory. He faced a total of six candidates and came in 4th, just 3,000 votes behind the Libertarian candidate. To maintain ballot status in that state, Jacob needed to win 2% of the vote which he barely did.

Unofficial totals show he garnered 48,534 votes or 2.04%. The Libertarian Party candidate got 2.14% which also was very close. With a total of six candidates on the ballot, that was a super accomplishment. The Missouri Party went all out in support of Jacob, and they succeeded in pulling off that success story. We are most fortunate to have the leadership that we do have in that state. They made that victory possible. CLICK HERE to review the vote tallies that we have been able to secure thus far for all of our candidates.

Our November General Election success was possible because of three key elements.

First, the annual state assessment fees that were paid by the various states exceeded our projected budget amount for state assessments by over $1,400.00, and we still have the month of December ahead of us.

Secondly, donations for the Howard Phillips Legacy Society Newsletter has brought in over $16,000.00 thus far through the end of November. If you are not yet receiving the monthly copy of that newsletter, I will encourage you to CLICK HERE to sign up for it.

In time, we believe the newsletter supporters will become the major source of revenue for the party. Peter Gemma, the editor of the newsletter, is a talented, well-known writer. His articles continue to draw new people to our website.

The third source of major funding for the party’s growth has been donations made specifically for ballot access. At the end of November, we are within $359.00 of exceeding our annual projected budget for that category. We are most grateful to those of you who have lent your financial support for ballot access and other areas of donations to the party. It has been your consistent and generous donations that have enabled us to gain ballot status in Hawaii, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Mexico this year. I do not recall another time when the party gained ballot status in so many states in an off-year election as what we did in 2018. Know that your donations and the dedication of so many good and hard-working state party leaders have made this possible.

Our goal for 2019 is to continue to work for ballot access in as many states as possible and to run as many candidates for local non-partisan races as we can. Election to those local government positions is where we can gain exposure and credibility. It also provides excellent experience and training for advancement to higher officers in the future.

Once again, my sincere thanks to each of you for your loyal and consistent financial support.

National Chairman
Constitution Party

July 2019
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